Shooting Challenge Japan

Hoop Vizion Kobe, Japan Shoot Out

Grades: 7-12

2 Shooters per Team

2 Game Elimination

Price $50 or 5500 YEN

Cash Prize to winner

Free Hoop Vizion T-Shirt

General Rules:

  • The shooting competition is played in a 2 vs 2 format
  • Each game will consist of 2 team,4 players competing on one basket
  • First Team to score 5 baskets from behind the 3pt line or most 3pt baskets after 60sec WINS
  • Shooters have to alternate every shot, Get their own rebound, and Make pass to teammate
  • Interfering with opposing teams basketball will end in an automatic disqualification of that game

*Remember 2 teams will be shooting on one basket. There is a zero tolerance when interfering with opposing team’s basketball. This competition is 2 game elimination which means you have to lose twice.